Alyx Gaudio



Alyx Gaudio is an ambitious Actor/Director that began his career when he was ten. He was born in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida in 1990. Alyx moved to Idaho when he was seven and pursued filmmaking after he got his first video camera for Christmas in 2000. He began shooting homemade videos with his friends at an early age, and that’s when his career was born. When Alyx was fourteen, (2004) he wrote and directed the short film, “Mushia,” a dramatic essence of what life is like on another planet. He won Best Action Category at the Kiwanis teen film festival in Idaho Falls. Soon after the success of “Mushia,” Alyx wrote and directed the notorious crime thriller, “Vengeance,” a story about the vengeful lives of Mafia in the outskirts of Boston. After starring in both films he decided to shift his focus on acting. Alyx got an agent when he was fifteen and auditioned for one year not landing a single role. His mom drove him back and forth from Idaho to Salt Lake City three hours each way for every audition. On his tenth audition he landed a role in the Disney Channel original movie, “Dadnapped.” Alyx didn’t give up on his dreams and pushed forward landing the lead role on the television pilot “Justin Time.” By the time Alyx was seventeen, he graduated high school and convinced his parents to move to LA with one of his Co-stars from the show. Alyx directed several viral videos on the internet including a “Signs” parody that received over 40 thousand views worldwide. He decided to write and direct the comedic web series “I’m on TV” in early 2009. It is a five minute episodic about three college boys that get locked into a lease with hidden cameras. Shortly after the web series, Alyx wrote and directed his first film shot on the Red, “Aftermath.” Alyx’s father and grandfather teamed up with him and financed this breathtaking motion picture. It is a post apocalyptic thriller set in the future about a struggling teen that escapes an American bomb shelter to find his father.