Christa Beth Campbell



Christa’s brother got her started in the performance industry when Christa was just four years old. The family relocated to NYC so he could hone his acting skills. Once there, his manager asked if Christa was interested in the business and her parents said “No thanks–she is too shy!” Christa told her parents that she did want to try out acting and so at almost five, she went on her first audition. She got an immediate callback and was put on hold. She didn’t book that one, but soon after she booked her very first job which was a Disney commercial. She thought for sure that Hannah Montana would be there, but she never arrived. When Christa was newly signed with J Pervis Talent Agency in her hometown of Atlanta, she was very fortunate to book the supporting role of Emma in Hall Pass, a Farrelly Brothers comedy. She starred as the daughter of Owen Wilson and Jenna Fischer. She had a great time on set–her favorite place was the hair and make up trailer, but she also loved meeting all the wonderful people like the Farrelly Brothers and Owen Wilson. Christa still tells everyone all the time about how nice and how much fun they are. Around the same time as the movie, Christa booked a recurring role in a new TV pilot for CBS starring as Skeet Ulrich’s daughter. She shot in Wilmington, NC and had a great time. She met so many nice people like Janeane Garofalo and Skeet Ulrich who stole her heart. She wanted to adopt him as her second Dad. After signing on with CESD in NY and LA as well as TAS Management, Christa enjoyed booking a variety of different regular on won an Emmy for Children’s Programming and The Hideout, a film where she played the lead, swept the SonScreen Film Festival and the Broad Street Festival where she won Best Actress for her role. She also enjoys theatre booking roles in Les Miserable, Madeline’s Christmas, James and the Giant Peach, Hair Spray, Shrek, and Anatomy of Grey. She loves to sing, dance, and act so being on stage makes her very happy because she usually gets to do all those things in one performance. Christa loves being an actress but when she is not acting, she is working hard on her music. She is a singer-songwriter and has performed at Bonnaroo for The Edge and with Jack Johnson. She has a growing catalog of songs and several music videos out.