Chuck Baldwin

Personal Info

  • Height: 5' 10" (1.78 m)


Born: May 3, 1952 in La Porte, Indiana. Family: Chuck and his wife have been married for 42 years. They have three children and nine grandchildren. Education: . La Porte (Indiana) High School (diploma) . Midwestern Baptist College, Pontiac, Michigan (two years) . Thomas Road Bible Institute, now Liberty Bible Institute at Liberty University, Lynchburg, Virginia (diploma) . Christian Bible College, Rocky Mount, North Carolina (B.A., M.A. D.D.) . Trinity Baptist College, Jacksonville, Florida (D.D.) Experience: Founder/Pastor, Crossroad Baptist Church, Pensacola, Florida (1975-2010) Radio Talk Show Host: 1994-2002 Florida State Director, Moral Majority: 1979-1988 Author: Chuck has authored or coauthored four books and numerous booklets. Newspaper and Internet Columnist: Chuck Baldwin is a prolific writer/columnist whose articles and political commentaries are carried by a host of Internet sites, newspapers, Internet websites, and news magazines. These editorials are also sent to tens of thousands of subscribers electronically. Media Appearances: Chuck has appeared on several national television networks. ABC NEWS once filmed his radio broadcast for a feature story. He has appeared on national news shows such as Scarborough Country on MSNBC, Anderson Cooper and Lou Dobbs on CNN, and Neil Cavuto on FOX NEWS. He has been featured several times on CSPAN, and is often a guest on the Alex Jones show. He has appeared on the CORPORATION’S television network. He has been featured in Spain’s national newspaper, El Mundo. Mr. Baldwin was also featured on POTUS ’08, the political news station of XM RADIO. He has also been featured in national magazines and newspapers such as ESQUIRE, THE MIAMI HERALD, THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER, THE SALT LAKE CITY TRIBUNE, THE LONDON TELEGRAPH, THE WASHINGTON TIMES, and THE NEW AMERICAN. Vice Presidential Candidate 2004: On May 2, 2004, Constitution Party Presidential Candidate Michael Peroutka asked Dr. Baldwin to join him as his Vice Presidential running mate for the 2004 general election. The Constitution Party officially selected Michael Peroutka as its Presidential candidate and Dr. Chuck Baldwin as its Vice Presidential candidate at its national convention in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania on June 25th and 26th, 2004. Presidential Candidate 2008: On April 26, 2008, state delegates of the Constitution Party elected Chuck Baldwin to be their Presidential candidate during their national nominating convention in Kansas City, Missouri. Chuck won the nomination with a percentage vote of 74% to 24% over Ambassador Alan Keyes. Chuck chose Memphis, Tennessee, attorney Darrell Castle, a former Marine Corps officer and Vietnam veteran, to be his Vice Presidential running mate. Chuck was also endorsed by Texas Republican Congressman Dr. Ron Paul during this campaign. Move to Montana: In October 2010, Dr. Baldwin and his entire family moved to the Flathead Valley of Montana. In January, 2011, the family started a new Christian fellowship, which is named LIBERTY FELLOWSHIP. This is an unorganized, unincorporated, nondenominational fellowship located in the city of Kalispell. Distinctions: Chuck Baldwin was the keynote speaker at the 50th anniversary of the D-Day celebration at the Naval Air Station, Pensacola, Florida. Dr. Baldwin has been proclaimed an honorary member of both the Pensacola City Council and the Women for Responsible Legislation. He was also awarded the Bronze Medal of Patriotism by the Sons of the American Revolution. Dr. Baldwin was twice proclaimed “Minister of the Day” by the Florida House of Representatives and by the Florida State Senate. Also, Pastor Baldwin has had audiences with former Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush, Sr. He has also been officially recognized by the Escambia County Florida Sheriff’s Office as an Honorary Deputy Sheriff.