David Michael Reardon



David Michael Reardon is an actor, writer, and director from Branson, Missouri. He’s best known for his role as Charlie Sawyer in MBF (2019). David was born in Lawton, Oklahoma on November 3rd of 1997. As a child, David became very interested in sports, science, and film. However, he didn’t find his love for acting until he was 18 years old. At that time, David was deciding where to go play college football, but nothing seemed right. Then, he discovered that one of his mother’s friends was starting up a production company in his home town and needed new faces for her first film. David jumped at the opportunity to do something he’d always wanted to: act. After completing his first film, Taneycomo (2016), David fell in love with the process and had a new found desire to pursue acting fully. He opted to not go to college and, instead, to put all of his time and efforts into making something of himself in the film industry. Shortly after filming his first film, David got in contact with his agent, Jean Selig-Wenger, and began taking the right steps to maximize his talents. Now, David is building momentum in the industry with MBF (2019) having a successful theatrical run, as well as being added to Amazon Prime, YouTube, and other platforms. Although he’s only a few short years into his journey, David says he’s “blessed and optimistic” regarding his current position and going forward in acting. When asked about what he wants the name “David Michael Reardon” to mean to people, David said, “I want to leave a legacy of positivity and hope. So many people from my hometown give up on their dreams because they’re told their dreams are “unrealistic” and it breaks my heart. I’ve been lucky enough to have been gifted an amazing family that rallies around me and supports me in my pursuits. That’s not to say I haven’t had my fair share of naysayers, doubters, or tough times in my life. Trust me, I’ve had plenty. I just know that who and what I want to be is more important than how someone’s words or a negative situation can make me feel. Ultimately, I want to look back at the end of my life and be able to say that I changed the world, left it better than I found it, and, hopefully, inspired others to do the same.” With optimism and momentum on his side, David hopes to make a real splash in the industry and, hopefully, create a name for himself based in hope, positivity, and determination.