Tom Simes



Thomas Dale Simes was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, one of four boys of Marvin Simes a railroader and Sheila Simes a waitress. He grew up playing hockey and dreaming of playing in the NHL. In high school he changed sports and went on to become a collegiate wrestler medaling twice at the national level. In 1984 he married Michelle, his high school sweetheart and in 1989 he began a teaching career that spanned nearly three decades. In 1990 Tom started writing and directing theatre productions, which led to a 25-year career producing plays such as The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe; Bridge to Terabithia; and God’s Favorite. Tom founded Five Stones Films in 2005 and has produced five feature films to date: Season of Dreams (2007), a documentary about Saskatchewan’s love affair with football; Underdogs (2010), a documentary about the University of Saskatchewan Men’s basketball team winning their first and only national championship in 2010; Run, Broken Yet Brave (2011), a drama about a First Nation’s family dealing with FASD; A Winning Tradition (2015), a football documentary about the Saskatoon Hilltops; and Because Of Grácia (2017), a drama about four teens navigating their senior year of high school. Spouse: Michelle Simes (1984-present) 4 children